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2.5 v6 TDI multi gearbox fault PRNDS

xooo.co.uk Jan 13, 2010

  1. xooo.co.uk

    xooo.co.uk New Member

    I know these are my first posts but information is everything with a forum.

    So here goes post 2!

    My auto gearbox is pretty broken! When you first get into the car when its cold you can click up and down P R N D S without any problems. as soon as it warms up R is skipped over and it goes back into P. Then all the lights flash on and off of the dash. Reverse lights and parking beepers also fail when warm.

    It also jumps from Drive to Sport under any load, see the Blackberry quality video below.


    The car is booked into a specialist for a new gearbox ECU on friday 15th Jan so i will let you know how it goes! Getting a new temperature sender too as the word on the street is that this is linked to the traction control computer making it kick in all the time.
  2. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    Good luck with this mate...hope it sorts everything out...being a 2.5 multi driver myself i'm afraid i drive round with this constant niggle in the back of my head just waiting for something to go which is such a shame because overall it is the best auto box i have ever driven :)
  3. xooo.co.uk

    xooo.co.uk New Member


    diag 34.00
    replace sensor temp 21.25
    replace ecu 63.75

    ecu 647.99
    sensor 25.90
    gasket 3.33
    oil 49.90

    inc vat 994.06

    ergh but my oh my does it drive like it used too!

    not happy at price/value of car but happy with result

    (Prestige German Cars, Silverlink. wallsend tyne and wear)

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