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2.5 v6 TDI 163 multi - temperature sensor traction control issue

xooo.co.uk Jan 13, 2010

  1. xooo.co.uk

    xooo.co.uk New Member

    Am i being lied to! if not this is good information!

    My temp sensor fails all the time, on and off.

    Never checked what climate control says holding the buttons down.

    When im driving along the traction control computer light comes on, the car brakes for itself when stopping (feels weird) the the traction control fails.

    I have been told - The temp sender is connected to the traction control system!! ("implausable signal")

    If thats true its something i have never found on any forums ever!

    Getting a new gearbox ecu on friday so getting temp sensor fitted at the same time so cant find out if its one or the other. 999 pounds well spent (i hope)

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