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2.5 tdi will not start after edc rebuilt

106pete Mar 28, 2011

  1. 106pete

    106pete New Member

    Hello folks, I will start from the beginning here. I bought myself an a6 2.5 tdi 98 reg that was lacking power, barely got 65 mph out of it.

    I had fault codes taken and basically lack of boost was the issue, I fixed the turbo actuator and off it went. Car pulled much better but still missing top performance.

    About 30 mins into the drive and the car dies, new warning light up and diagnostics show fuel pump edc, so I have that rebuilt, now it's all back together.

    I have looked into the problem and found no fuel getting to the engine, power is not going to the tank pump and even if I put 12v to the pump it will spin but it does not supply and diesel.

    I checked all fuses and no 4 pump relay and can't find anything wrong, I really regret buying my first Audi now and I'm desperate for any help and advice Before I'm forced to send it to the garage.

    Thanks pete
  2. davek

    davek Member

    I have the same problem.
    The pump in the tank does not pump fuel to the injection pump,its just to move fuel in the swirl in the tank.
    The injection pump has its own lift pump.
    I have put a one way hand pump just before the filter as the vp44 is a S.O.B to prime.
    I had to use a drop of easy start in the air box to start mine as i do every time i change the filter.
    You could try towing as this i have been told works most times.
    if you have sorted this problem let me know as i like the keep records of fault finding.
    Thank you.
    dave king

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