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2.5 tdi VCDS engine measuring block 11??

audi2.5tdi Jan 29, 2014

  1. audi2.5tdi

    audi2.5tdi Member

    anybody else hate there car???!

    the skinny version of this story is;
    bought the car (99 facelift B5 a4 Quattro, 2.5 AFB), planned to do the timing belt as no receipt or idea of when it was done, so while at it i ended up doing the following (since buying the car in November)

    timing belt (every single roller, tensioner, lock stock the lot!)
    water pump
    aux belts, rollers and tensioner (had collapsed)

    MAF sensor (genuine Bosch, brand new)
    MAP sensor (genuine Bosch, brand new)
    Temp sensor (genuine Audi item, brand new)

    Crank case breather (previous one was "modified" the filter had been removed, just the top of it left!)

    camcover gaskets and covers (second hand)

    2 new CV joints and centre bearing for the propshaft

    EGR valve removed and blanked at the inlet manifold and exhaust manifold (vac line blocked)

    VP44 Diesel pump (second hand with renewed electrics) (dreaded 01318 (J399))

    Finally got it running again after the moronic breakers who supplied the pump had removed the pulley without marking the TDC!!

    car seems to be about the same as before the diesel pump failed, which is the problem!

    the timing is bang on, diesel pump timing timed with VCDS

    ive checked the function of the N75 valve in basic settings, gp 11 and it opens and closes the vanes in the turbo

    so i checked the "spec intake pressure" against the "actual intake pressure" and they dont match up very well!

    ive got the log file from VCDS, seems to be in excel if anyone can take a look, the spec intake is always quite a bit higher than the actual, and never catches up

    one thing i did notice while the front of the car was off last week was what looked like the passenger side intercooler with thick black oil residue in the front top right hand corner (looking from the front of the car) which to me means its leaking? there was quite a chunk of oil in the intercoolers and boost pipes im guessing from the breather having been butchered (i mean "modified")

    could a leaking intercooler cause the lack of power and the difference between spec intake pressure and actual intake pressure?

    anyone that can help with the VCDS log file (excel) pm me your email and ill send it over
  2. YSN

    YSN Member

    I think the spec intake stays higher than the actual i logged mine last night block 011 but for a 1.9 tdi i think during the end of the rev range they should slightly be the same or catch up depending on what your map is set too its much easier to analyse once you convert the data to a graph
  3. darysas

    darysas New Member

    yeas leak can cause it fiks leak, oil show where he is
  4. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group TDi

    Sort the intercooler leak, It doesn't take much of a hole to leak boost especially as the pressure builds. The intercoolers can get damaged sometimes by front end knocks and sometimes the plastic ends just split.

  5. audi2.5tdi

    audi2.5tdi Member

    cooler already replaced, ive got all sorts of other issues now... IQ at idle 14
  6. darysas

    darysas New Member

    explain, car runs fine, just starts bad?
    meaby you cleaned injectors?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014

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