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2.5 tdi v6 quattro TWIN TURBO PROJECT

eliasuk98 Mar 9, 2011

  1. eliasuk98

    eliasuk98 New Member


    as per my previous post i will be starting the project in the next couple of months so i think this is a good time to get all the dog work done and all the parts purchased. also i will be using two turbos from the 2.0 tdi audi 170bhp http://www.turbolader.net/Turbolader...039880109.aspx

    i need advice on oil feed to the two kkk turbos,

    1. would i just T- the existing oill feed pipe and split it to both turbos or create a new channel?

    2. oil drain directly to the mid or lower sump?

    3. position both turbos directly off the existing manifolds, will there be enough room on the b6 a4? or should i position them like the v6 rs4 b5 engine.

    4. size of downpipe, i guess 3" for each head would be an overkill 2.5" should do?

    5. head porting, i know Difas on this forum has achieved some good flow results almost 25% more flow, although i know stingray spoke about the heads already having a good flow, any knowledge whether porting to achieve around 350bhp and more is necessary.

    6. did i read somewhere the the bosch cummins nozzles with a 143degree spray angle will work fine as it is only one degree of the original 142degree ones? dlla 143P894 has 800cc/30sec any good to see around 400bhp?

    7. performance clutch which one and where from?

    all the help and advice is most welcome.

    thanks in advance

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