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2.5 TDI V6 Diesel Injection Pump Timing Woes?

snapdragon Mar 20, 2010

  1. snapdragon

    snapdragon New Member

    My car has just been off the road for a few weeks, but I'm not out of the deep water yet, first of all, it wouldn't start for love or money.
    I took it to a VW/Audi 'specialist' garage who said there was no fuel coming to the filter. They replaced the in-tank pump and then gave up and said they suspected the injection pump and told me to take it to a diesel specialist.

    Next I took it to an expert but it was too expensive and their attitude sucked.

    So I took it home, whipped off the injection pump and sent to be remanufactured by dieselbob .

    It came back and I fitted it along with genuine Audi cambelt kit, v-belts, water-pump and thermostat.
    Everything was locked with a locking kit.

    Then I came to bleed the fuel lines and found that as with the first garage there was no fuel being pumped to the filter, despite hotwiring the pump. Then I read online that this is normal anyway :sadlike:
    Now, I pull diesel through with a vacuum, and bleed the injectors and it starts and runs like a dream. :jump::p

    So I think I will do the dynamic timing later after a quick test drive.
    After 5 minutes, the engine cut out, and wouldn't restart.
    I called the RAC, by which time after 80 mins it would start, but would barely idle and would die.
    Pressing the throttle pedal had no effect.
    I scanned for codes and got ...

    I checked everything and it was all looking good.
    Could it be the dynamic timing out?
    Is there enough adjustment on slotted holes of the injection sprocket to cause non-start, or is it just fine tuning?
    I have read instructions of ELSA which say you can move undo the pump mounting bolts and move it, but IIRC it was not on slotted holes and even had sleeves. :confused:

    So do you guys have any tips or experience of this last stage?
    I can do the dynamic timing with vagcom, but a pre-requisite is a running engine at 80 deg C. :banghead:

    Thanks for any help.
  2. bigfruit

    bigfruit New Member

    Are you sure you don't have a leak on the return diesel hoses of the injectores?
    Or if the diesel pump has wrong mounting timing?
    I also had some problems on mine, and had to take the car to the diesel pump specialist so that he could redo the timing. Because m mechanic had mounted the pump wrongly.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    ;-) Big

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