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2.5 TDI servicing advice please :)

markyzs180 May 15, 2009

  1. markyzs180

    markyzs180 Member

    Right then this may be a long one!!! lol

    As you may/may not know I have recently purchased my 2003 A4 cab 2.5 tdi with multitronic and it is now due a service (I knew this when buying it and used it as a bargaining tool) It has now done 95,000 miles and has full audi dealer history and has been serviced under the 'long life' service schedule and although the cambelt was changed at the last service (phew!) the multitronic oil wasn't (booooo!) I have phoned round for a few quotes today for a major service and multitronic oil change, local dealer wants £544, local (highly recommended) independent was £330 and Stoke Audi quoted £460. So my main queries are....
    1. Do I just pay the extra and keep the dealer history up to date?
    2. As I will only be doing approx 6000 miles per year do I flip to the yearly service (and I usually change the oil every 6 months myself anyway!)
    3.Is this a no brainer and I'm wasting your time posting **** like this lol ??

    Any advice gratefully received!

    Cheers, Mark

    ps...anyone had any work done by central audi/vw in birmingham? they;ve been highly recommended and having spoken to them today i was pretty impressed....
  2. JohnboyC

    JohnboyC Member

    Well, I would try and get a load of independant garage quotes, and then see if your local Audi Dealer will match the Independant prices.

    Preston Audi, in Lancs, have usually matched other independants or even other Audi Dealer prices (more recently Stafford Audi were quoting £395 for a V6 TDi Cambelt change..see their e-bay advert - and Preston Audi matched the price)...so I use the Audi Dealer if there is not too much difference in price.....I must thank Preston Audi for doing the price match thing - excellent folk there !

    Will make car a little bit easier to sell in the future maybe if the Service Book is full of Audi Dealer stamps....but on some jobs I would just use a local garage anyways.....for noddy stuff like brake pads and oil changes , etc, which I could easily do myself, but prefer to get done whilst I am at work so I can spend weekends drinking beer instead of getting my hands dirty :beerchug:

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