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2.5 tdi quattro remap in the north west

JimLoskot May 15, 2010

  1. JimLoskot

    JimLoskot Member

    The misses has finally given the thumbs up for getting a remap. woo hoo!
    Now just left to decide what and from where.
    What are the differences between a remap and a tuning box?
    Are standard remaps all the same or do they vary between companies?
    Is a std map best for my std car or would a custom map on a rolling road be better?
    I presume a custom map is only needed for having extra mads done, eg injectors etc..
    I have been thinking of using either pendle performance or awesome GTI.
    Any other recomendations?
    would really like to hear back from people with the 2.5 tdiQ who have had a remap and what they think, especially if they have got a remap in the north west. I am mainly interested in getting more economy but would love some extra torque & power as well.
  2. holmefield

    holmefield Member

    Hi there my best mate owns Autograph UK in burnley ( there the ones that sell the Gumpert Apollo which is in this months PVW magazine and holds the top gear lap record ) He re-mapped my 130 TDI SPORT about 3 weeks ago, mine was a custom re-map to 175 BHP and it flys now, its the auto model but still shifts and the kick downs super quick.

    They've done loads of cars from every audi model right upto 996/997 porsche turbos yum yum...
  3. mikeh126

    mikeh126 Member

    My 2.5TDi 180 QS was remapped to 220 in Feb by Pro-Tec Motorsport near Preston. Impressed with the extra power and torque, and also the extra mpg when not 'pressing on'! It cost £300, and I reckon it was well worth the money.
    I would advise you to have it done - it really is noticeable, and makes the car even more fun to drive. Make sure, though, that the engine / drivetrain is fault free - the extra power will show up any weaknesses straight away.

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