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2.5 tdi Quattro loss of power

Jonny C Dec 28, 2011

  1. Jonny C

    Jonny C New Member

    Newbie been reading old posts with interest. Not very mechanically minded but will try to give as much info so someone can help!

    I bought a December 1998 A4 2.5 tdi Quattro Avant Automatic in March this year with only 81,000 1 previous owner and full Audi History from a trader of his drive. Seemed a very genuine car (smell of oil noted on old mot)

    Had the car serviced buy a local independent (merc specialist previously used) used for 5 trouble free months (7,000 miles).

    Then oil leak started. garage investigated and found hole drilled in rocker cover (behind oil cap). Replaced cover & gasket also crank case breather.

    Oil leak remained, second investigation removed expansion tank and vac pump. Replaced seals in vac pump and refitted. At the same time replaced exhaust inlet manifold gasket.

    Oil leak now seems to be curred but loss of power. Won't pass 95 ish. Revs don't drop but up hill it will slow down to 50.

    Sorry for the ramble but guess more info is better than less any ideas?

    It's now on 95,000 miles so 14,000 in 9 months in a 13 year old car it's bad. Apart from above it's been serviced and put a set of Michelins when I bought it. Now on Michelin Alpins with a set of steel rims for winter just need some cold weather.

    Also 2 other b5s in the family bought this year both 2.8 auto Quattro avants 2000 one with 85,000 the othe only 30,000. Both run like a dream!!

    Thanks in advance. Jon
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    It needs a diagnostic scan first as it could be a number of things: MAF, turbo clogged, boost control solenoid,etc.
  3. Jonny C

    Jonny C New Member

    Booked in garage on Tuesday, will post reply then

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