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2.5 tdi quattro - chip causing problems?

Red_Power May 23, 2012

  1. Red_Power

    Red_Power New Member

    I have a 2001 a4 180 quattro with 135k on the clock. I bought a chip from tdi-tuning to take it to around 220hp and fitted itself. There is a very notticable increase in performance but under medium/heavy load at 1800-2000RPM there is a vibration coming from somewhere. The car still pulls well and the vibration disapears at higher rpm. Without the chip there is no vibration but there is a serious dead spot at the same rpm, pulls well up to 1800 then nothing for a second or 2, then its away again.

    I have also experienced the sudden loss of power others talk of on here, engine completely cuts out for 1-2 secconds then fires up again. This has only happened twice, both times it happened under full load after a prolonged period of thrashing the sh#t out of it. Not sure if the two problems are related or if it is the chip causing them or if they were already there. Anyone else have a tdi-tuning chip? Any advice is welcome
  2. diffas

    diffas Member

    Vibration probably comes from dmf and can be fixed by reducing torque on low revs.

    You need to read fault codes to find out why it cuts out. I bet the problem is with fuel delivery...for example old and wasted fuel filter or jammed fuel line.

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