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2.5 TDI quattro A4 - low power

Joni_s Jul 19, 2006

  1. Joni_s

    Joni_s Member

    I recently bought a 2.5tdi quattro and have found that its not exactly fast. With 150hp i was expecting a bit more. A friend of mine in a 130hp seat ibiza out accelerated me a by a mile and i have driven the new golf with the 140hp tdi engine and it seems like lightening compared to mine.
    When i bought the car it needed the crank breather changing which i've done and now it doesnt smoke adn drives smoothly adn well but not particularly quickly.
    I was thinking of getting it plugged into vag.com at a local specialist who charges 40 quid for the priviledge, is this a good idea? I've read forums about MAF's and was wondering if the vagcom would identify if my maf is not working as it should be.
    Also my engine light isnt on so i have had no warning that theres anything wrong with the car just a feeling that the car is not as fast as it should be and htis may be down to the ECU controlling things.
    I have been driving it like this for sometime with no problems but as i now think there may be a problem should i limit my miles until i get it checked? Any advice welcome.
  2. Joni_s

    Joni_s Member

    so, do you think that my car is running as it should be? i mean i don't think it could even keep up witha 1.6 (petrol) golf! It seems as slow as my previous 1.9td renault 19.

    I know the weight of the audi is around 1400kg and teh ibiza about 1200kg so would a fair test be to have no one in my car (except me driving!) and him in his car with three other passengers each weighing around 70kg.

    I guess i would have power loss due to the 4wd but i still htink he'd be miles faster.

    The new golf i think is a hefty 1350kg or so which isn't far off the audi (and i had plenty of bags in the car and a passenger) and the golf was much faster than the audi. In the audi i don't seem to get any surge of power like previous turbo cars i have driven but i was putting this down to the smooth v6 but perhaps this might be an indication of a turbo issue???

    I would consider a remap but first i want to make sure that my car is as it should be. What sort of costs are involved in a remap and is it worth it?

    A friend of mine has a copy of 'Autocar' which quotes a 0-60 of 8.3 for the 2.5tdi but i don't think mine is anywhere near this.

    Any thoughts / tests to see if turbo is working etc?
  3. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    To me it sounds like something is wrong. The obvious thing is the MAF sensor. The easiest test for this is to simply disconnect it and drive around for a short while. If the engine is much more responsive then its the MAF. Don't drive far without it BTW. Before replacing it you can try to clean/lube it with Dialectric grease, watch out though as it is fragile. If that doesnt work then you can get a recon exchange one for less than £100 iirc. You can check the MAF with vag-com, you'll prob find instructions somwhere onhttp://www.tdiclub.com

    Other stuff is a little harder to diagnose, but i'd start with the MAF.

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