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2.5 TDi Multitronic jerking - CURED!

Chrisavant Apr 6, 2010

  1. Chrisavant

    Chrisavant Member

    I have cured the jerky take-off and "parrot squawk" from my Multitronic! Many thanks to all the many contributors who helped me.

    I'm the bloke who'se had THREE multitronics in my A4 Avant 2.5 TDi. The latest one started to jerk and squawk at about 1400 revs, after doing only 20,000 from replacement. Audi said nothing to do with Multitronic - transmission was overloaded because turbo overboosting giving too much torque, so internal clutches slipping giving "squawk". Independant VAG technician with Vagcom or similar said no overboost, so I was stuck.

    Then, after advice from this forum, I spent the money and had the Multitronic oil changed at only 22,000 (rather than the 40,000 recommended) and insisted on the approved "double flush" oil change.

    The result is a completely transformed driving experience. I have now done about 4,000 since the change and it seems a permanent improvement No jerk, no squawk.

    The "double flush" technique is important but costly. 5 litres of oil is replaced, the engine is started, the Multitronic is exercised to open and close the clutches, and then the oil is dropped out and replaced again. In my case the original oil was very dark in colour, not clear like the new oil, indicating a lot of worn off clutch friction material in suspension.

    But the effect is extraordinary. As someone else said, I don't see how a bit of oil can make so much difference. But this is no ordinary gearbox and has inside solenoid valves and multiplate wet clutches. My theory is that either the solenoid valves become gunged up with clutch debris and thus don't open and close as they should, or the clutch plates themselves become covered in a paste of dust and oil to form a sort of grease, which then causes them to slip causing jerking and squawking.

    Either way it works and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with these symptoms. I had the oil change done by Audi as the Multitronic is still under warranty, although they wouldn't pay for the change as it was below the manufacturer's recommended interval and said it wasn't necessary! It cost about £220, but a lot better than the £4K they quoted to do turbo and manifolds, which I now think was a leg-pull.

    Just to make certain, I am now going to have the turbo off and test bed checked by Midland Turbo at Nottingham (see sparate thread)

    Many thanks to all. Chrisavant:yes:
  2. donsajid

    donsajid Member

    glad to hear your good news!!

    I recently had a full CVT rebuild after my gearbox came very close to complete destruction. I have since learned that this was entirely down to the fact that since owning the car on 60,000 miles, and doing another 55,000 without changing the oil (i was told that the oil did not need to be changed...) my trans was completely f*9)ed. So in my case it definitely did need a rebuild. However, this was after a full 115,000 miles, the latter half of which as I said, was with zero maintenance. It cost me an arm and a leg, but I have to say coupled with the 2.5 tdi, it really was worth it.

    Back to the point. I really do think taking the above in to consideration, the CVT does get a bad press. Its a decent box when it is working, and as chrisavant has said, changing the gearbox oil earlier than scheduled(I plan on an oil change now every 2 years as I only do about 10,000 a year) should reap major driveability gains and also keep the box in tip top shape.
  3. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 quattro Black Edition s tronic

    I agree with you entirely. This is all about maintenance. Provided a multitronic box is looked after in accordance with what is specificed in the service book, then my experience is that it will be fine.

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