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2.5 tdi camshaft timing help needed

davek May 1, 2011

  1. davek

    davek Member

    Had to change one of my camshaft pulley's.
    I need to know how to time it up as i cannot find any position marks.
    So what i need to know is...
    Crank timing mark and cam timing marks.
    I have searched all over the net for a diagram without any luck.
    Hope some body can help please.
    thank you in advance.
    dave king
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    You need locking tools to time the engine and its not that straight forward as it seems ! Where abouts are you based ?
  3. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    On my 2.8 V6 you are supposed to use a locking tool on the 'wings' on the cam sprocket. however i didn't. With the rocker cover off there are some marks on the cams, little arrows. I lined these up and used them. and also made sure that the wings elongated holes were on the outside not the inside. I wish i had taken a pic of the said marks now but i didn't.
  4. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    The pulleys on the camshafts on any v6 2.5 tdi engines are tappered and they need to spin whilst you lock the cams within the slot on the back of the head, then the crankshaft needs locking at TDC, then you can tension the slack off the cambelt. Afte r the belt is fitted the pump needs locking with the pi at TDC then when the engine starts, it needs slight adjustment of the pump via the 2nd sprocket on the right hand side cam sprocket. There are no timing marks provided for the v6 tdi engine- unlike on petrol engines where timing is taken care by the cams hydraulic adjusters- where the timing is done by the VP44 pump...

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