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2.5 TDi Buying advice

GregC May 16, 2010

  1. GregC

    GregC Member

    Haven't been on the forum for some time - used to have an A4 1.8T - loved the car but ended up selling and moving on. Now looking to buy another Audi, I have a budget up to £6,000 and was looking for a 2.5TDi, ideally an automatic Avant.

    I've seen a mixture for sale around this money so think I can get a 2003 if I search around. Is there anything that you guys would advise me to be looking for? Am I better holding out for a Quattro? Do the 155 or 163 BHP (think I have that right) models vary significantly?

    I'm looking for something that will be reliable that I can keep till it falls over and I think the 2.5 TDi would do that job if I can buy one that has done say under 80k.

    Would really appreciate any advice you guys may have to offer.
  2. Mudplugger

    Mudplugger Member

    I think you'll find that the power options are 163bhp (all manual) or 180bhp (manual & tip) but I may be wrong.

    If you're buying a 2003 or later be sure to get one with a BAU engine code if 180bhp; you only have to look around this forum to see the tales of woe from folk with AKE engines to realise why.
  3. My 180bhp AKE has done 176k so far and pulling strong (touches wood and listens for rocker arms falling off:rolleyes:)
    multichronic gearbox is the bigger prob on these so only get a quattro with tiptronic if you must have auto.
    Under 80k is a nice idea but more important is lots and lots of regular oil changes - none of this 20k long service **** (designed to keep fleet managers happy)
  4. willieigs

    willieigs Member

    get looking for the 2.5 tdi quattro plenty of grunt and in the snow well never been stuck even been going down hill round the devil elbow in scotland with 4 heavy bodies and a trailer totaly full of diveing equipment on ice
    well i was s-----self but old smoker just took it in is stride
    and 5 year and still smokeing along
  5. GregC

    GregC Member

    Thanks - appreciate the advice. Might also look at an A4 2.5 TDi, depends what comes up.

    Definately want a Quattro - had an A4 Quattro before and loved it!

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