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2.5 tdi ake possible cams

ashleyretro Mar 11, 2013

  1. ashleyretro

    ashleyretro New Member

    Hello am new to this site

    I bought an Audi a6 2.5tdi quattro akeabout a year ago with a ticking engine
    sounded like videos on youtube ofengines with faulty cams
    replaced the full cam kit and cam belt, engine oil etc

    well using the over the last year Inoticed the the engine was never getting to temp also would
    start ok from cold with glow plugs, andstart ok when hot, but I let it cool down 3 – 5 hour it would takeages to start

    last week a decided to replace thethermostat and full cam belt kit as I only replaced the the belt
    last time now engine starts fine andtemp is straight up to 90c
    but I have a ticking sounds worse round 1500rpm sound like the cams again

    could the cam belt or injector pump benoisy
    or is it possible I have low oilpressure to the top of the engine

    any ideas

    thanks ash
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    Did you use tipex marks on the pulleys or u used the correct locking tools for crank and cams ?
  3. ashleyretro

    ashleyretro New Member

    hi i used locking tools.

    been using the car today engine pulls very well and start well just at low speed 1500rpm very tappety more noticeable when the oil is hot

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