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2.5 tdi, a starting issue

samiam Nov 19, 2009

  1. samiam

    samiam New Member

    I have had a non start issue. 2000 allroad.
    If I absent-mindedly try to start the car (cold) without 'glowing it' and it (quite rightly) struggles to start. I then quit that start cycle and 'glow' as normal and proceed to crank.
    Nothing fires at all. Crank, crank, crank...not a murmur of ignition.
    This happened a month or so back and I got a breakdown service to come have a look. No diesel delivery, your injector pump is stuffed.
    A bit of sleuthing and I took the Electronic Diesel Controller off the VP44 pump and sent it to Poland to VP44.com (Zipart). There was nothing wrong with it!
    So I put it back in and, shock horror, the car started fine. So what was wrong?
    Anyway, again today I omitted to 'glow' and now the car won't fire again.
    So is there some safety 'shutdown' occurring that is preventing fuel delivery in the event of a mis-start?
    I live a LONG way from any VAG-COM so any pointers/theories gladly taken.
  2. adamss24

    adamss24 Well-Known Member

    No mate, there is no safety feature built in on the v6 tdi as you described. I would check fuses and the fuel pump and ECU power supply relays to make shure they open/work as they should. I also suggest you take/buy a fault code reader (cheapo vag-com 409.01 and ebay lead will do fine and wont cost the earth!) and have a go at learning how to use-it. Its pointless at trying to troubleshoot fueling problems(electrical) without a diagnostic tool as these cars are fairly complicated. Also, because you disconected the injector pump(vp44) ECU there might be weird fault codes pointing to it. I would erase them codes before trying to go any further. Give it a couple of days (drive-it !) and do a scan again then come back with the fault codes list from the ECU.

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