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2.4 V6 Engine Sound Question

MrJoshua Apr 7, 2007

  1. MrJoshua

    MrJoshua '98 A4 2.4 SE

    Hey all

    I've been driving my new 1998 2.4 V6 SE today and when you're cruising along at low revs, you can hardly hear the engine, however I put the windows down to hear the engine and when accelerating, the engine sounds kind of raspy, almost metallic.

    Is this how it should sound? It's almost got a bit of a VW Beetle sound to it, but obviously a deeper growl.

    It's done 155k Miles BTW, so I wasn't expecting it to be whisper quiet.

    I've had an oil and filter change... Gonna get my cam belt/aux belt and water pump done next week.

    I've never driven a V6 before, so I don't really know how they're meant to sound!
  2. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    They are quite quiet mate. My recent one was very quiet without an induction kit. Sounded very raspy/tinny when you rev it, almost like something is bouncing around in the back box, but its not.

    First mod should be an induction kit if your looking for noise, it makes one hell of a difference! absolutely roars under load. But when driving normally it's quiet. I used to do a lot of motorway miles and in my opinion it helped the MPG. Around town though it probably sucked in more hot air than cold :p

    Clicky! heres a vid link, has a small video of what it sounds like with an induction kit in the cabin :)
  3. MrJoshua

    MrJoshua '98 A4 2.4 SE

    Just taken my Mum to the Supermarket in it, and she thought it sounded more like a sort of buzz than a metallic noise.

    I gave it some beans on a few occasions and there's a cool sort of changeover in the sound when it gets past 4.5ish k RPM... These haven't got VVT have they?

    Oh, and nice video :) Sounds awesome with an induction kit on it!
  4. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon


    those rims where awesome even when the car was moving! great vid
    :rockwoot: :eyebrows:
  5. MrJoshua

    MrJoshua '98 A4 2.4 SE

    Oh, another thing... While I was driving around today (external temperature around 15 C), The Water and Oil Temperatures were sat at around 90 C, but tonight when I went out (around 5 degrees C outside), the Oil and Water were about 70 C, even after a 15 mile run.

    Is that right?

    In my 1.9 TDI Fabia vRS, the water temperature sat at bang-on 90 C all the time.
  6. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    its funny iirc the temp guage is computer controlled , not a proper temp guage, it will only drop if there is problem or it will sit bang on 90 all the time.

    30 valve v6's have VVT
  7. MrJoshua

    MrJoshua '98 A4 2.4 SE

    Ahh, so I have a problem.

    Time to crack open Vag-Com :)

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