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2.4 V6 Cab 52 Plate - TAX???

reepers13 Apr 26, 2011

  1. reepers13

    reepers13 Member

    Quick one - how much is 6 months/annual tax for these?

    going to view tommorow but someone said its pre 06 so not high but google says otherwise
  2. dejongj

    dejongj Active Member

    Not so high, and a lot less than you'll spend on the car and fuel ;-p

    Better be a very good deal on that as it is the 'under powered' one in the range, I'd choose a 3.0V6 or 1.8T over it any day.
  3. quattrojames

    quattrojames Moderator Staff Member Moderator Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

  4. reepers13

    reepers13 Member

    Are they really bad on fuel?

    They have more power than a 1.8t 163 model.

    The 3.0 would be way too much on fuel for us
  5. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    Please check the stats before you buy! (LINK)

    The only reason for going for that 2.4 is if it's a REALLY great price and you really want the V6, but just can't afford a 3.0. I've only driven one of those (2.4's) once, but it was a short and desperately unimpressive test drive.

    If you're comparing the FWD 3.0's, the fuel economy is exactly the same (the 3.0 is a much newer, lighter alloy, higher performing engine).

    The more readily available and cheaper is the 1.8T which is bit lighter, so although the 2.4 has more power (<5% more), they have the same the torque and the 1.8T feels faster because it is turbo charged, so that torque curve is pretty flat (you'll have more torque for more of the rev range): there's only 0.3sec in it, but the 1.8T is QUICKER than the 2.4 V6 at the 0-62mph dash and that difference will be all the more obvious within gear, when cruising...

    The fact that most of those 1.8T engines will remap to around 200bhp and the 2.4 will struggle to remap to 175bhp should not be overlooked.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2011
  6. boulevard

    boulevard Member

    Tax on my 05 S4 cab was £260 for the year, so I guess you should be paying no more than £130 for 6 months.
  7. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    I bought a 2.4 V6 2003 plate Cab in December, the 2.4 wouldnt be my first choice but the car only had 32k on the clock, all the toys I wanted (in particuar fully electric adjustable and heated seats), a light grey interior (I find all black to much), its not the quickest around and I get 27 to 30 mgg average I think, yes the 3.0 is pokier, the 1,8T seems to be the one of choice despite its oil pipe problem lol......

    For mine, the spec, coupled with the mega low miles on the clock, it made sense to but it and I still smile every day when I get into it :)
  8. dans3.0

    dans3.0 Member

    Just taxed my 3.0 Cab was £245 for a year

  9. reepers13

    reepers13 Member

    well all i can say is.. we picked up a 52 plate black cab pretty much mint with light grey interior and love it..

    so smooth and comfortable compared to the b6 sport we have

    i told the misses if she is sure about the v6 economy and she didnt care, she wanted it lol :D

    i drove it back from high wycombe to surrey with a full tank and needle hardly moved if atall..

    all round very please :D

    im now usiung her sport as a daily and i will always love it.. i prefer the sport kit and the power is very nice through the rev range.. the v6 not as quick but then she doesnt need a quick car.. i do :D:D

    so now we just need some bbs lm reps for the cab and we are away

    anyone got any pics of b6 vert with lms woudld be dandy ;)

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