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2.0TDI remap options

ben20vt Aug 11, 2009

  1. ben20vt

    ben20vt New Member

    Hello all, first time I’ve posted here. I have bought an A3 2.0TDI with DSG. I believe it’s a PD140 and very pleased with it. It’s been driven by a close family friend who has owned it from new and "she" is of the age who has treated it with absolute care. It's was a beautiful buy!

    Firstly, I want to get it remapped as I usually do with a turbo, who do you recommend? I have used Revo before for a A3 1.8T (180) and I was very impressed however it did blow a turbo (fortunately during warranty). Wonder how they are with the TDI.

    Secondly, how will this affect my DSG? Will all the gears still shift OK with the extra power? The DSG gearbox seems to be very "in tune" with the engine.

    As technical is possible please, every days a school day!

    Thanks in advance, Ben.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2009
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    there are so many remaps to choose from, and in reality they all achieve pretty much the same thing -about 175-180hp for between £250 and £500

    if its in warranty then one of the switchable/removable might be a good option, but once past the 3yrs then i dont think its going to matter much.

    the dsg box is good for about 500nm or 400ft/lb so your chipped pd140 isnt going to stress it at all.

    because the dsg changes are related to % of throttle, then the higher chipped torque means you get more torque for the same % and so the dsg box tends to keep the revs down and use the higher new torque to great effect.
  3. Custom-Code HQ

    Custom-Code HQ Member

    Hi Ben,

    We can remap your car for £362.25inc vat, as said above you will be looking at approx 170/180bhp.

    If you require anymore information please contact us on 01246 455004.


    Custom-Code Team.
  4. heeman10

    heeman10 Audi driver since Dec 08

    I too am looking around the market for a 2.0 TDI remap. As said above, they all tend to achieve similar power and torque gains. I am looking more for as big an increase in cruising economy as possible, along with a smooth, wide torque curve. The standard map, as well as many remaps, give a pretty harsh torque spike. I'd rather sacrifice a little torque/boost pressure at the point the turbo start making its boost to give me a smoother pull, and give the questionable VAG TDI turbo an easier time.

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