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2.0tdi 55 plate (Throttle Position Sensor) A3 DSG no response from accelerator

Andre Poleski Aug 24, 2012

  1. Andre Poleski

    Andre Poleski New Member

    Ok guys. So im knew to this but I need help and I think I have come to the right place. Any thoughts are more than welcome. Im 27 I live in Luton Town UK. :)

    My engine went bang along with my turbo. I brought an engine from www.Ivrosearle.com remanufactured,not too far from me which has been put into the car. As was taking my old engine out it was dscovered the teeth on my Flywheel were mown down andI was advised to have replaced as had the engine out already due to my chip and high torque. All done.

    Thing now is this........turn the ignition an is all good idles an purrs like a kitten. A kitten choking on bolts hahaha its a diesel. But seriously it idles fine. Upon pushing the accelrator there is either a slow response, a full response, or nothing at all. Afew people have told me it could be my TPS Throttle Position Sensor which unfortunatley doesnt come seperate from the throttle itself so is around 200 poundings.

    I also hear WD40 is a good way to clean the sensor as rust and residue does build up on them when left to stand. My car was left standing from August 2011 and is just being fixed now. But I've run into this probelm.

    Do you have any errrrrrrm info, ideas, corrections on my friends preictions of the Throttle sensor, wether you agree or disagree it would be nice to hear from you guys.

    Thanks alot for even readin this. Appreciated. Please reply to me Mr A3.

    Couple pictures would be nice. I do like to go into detail if its not too much trouble for you guys. Thanks again

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