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2.0TDI (170PS) S line- Quattro or No Quattro?

mykaloon Feb 21, 2007

  1. mykaloon

    mykaloon Member


    In a bit of a dilema at the moment and would appreciate any feedback from anyone out there who could help out....

    I've narrowed down my options to the latest 170ps A4 saloon in S line trim. However I'm chewing over whether to go for the Quattro model. It's a £1,425 premium on the standard s line model. I've read elsewhere that the 170 fwd models are prone to a fair amount of front wheel tyre spin due to the torque pumping out of the 170 engine. Is this a commonly recognised issue or am I looking too much into it? Having never driven a quattro model before I don't know if they are prone to increased tyre wear overall due to all 4 wheels being driven or whether in this case the amont of wheel spinning I may have with the fwd model would be reduced in the quattro model and in the long run reduce tyre wear.

    I notice that the co2 emissions on the quattro model are higher - 177 as opposed to the 154 for the non quattro model which will no doubt have an implication on my company car tax? Is this to make much difference to what I'll pay between the two models?

    I can stretch my allowance to either an non-quattro model with a few add ons which I'm thinking will be cruise control and possibly volterra leather seats which would add about £1500.

    Also may need to fit a towbar to this car at some point but it's at a cost of £650 as a factory fit - does this include any modification to the cooling system when spec'd as a factory fit or is it just the same as I would get if I retro-fit one at a late date?

    Would I be better putting the money towards the quattro and hopefully keep the rubber attached to my shiny new alloys rather than the roads I'm burning up?

    The final decision will be after a test drive at my local dealer very soon with both the quattro and non-quattro models just to see for myself but any input from quattro or non-quattro owners out there would be greatly appreciated and allow me to hopefully make the right decision!

  2. SteveTDCi

    SteveTDCi Active Member

    If you can go for quattro, it will struggle putting the power down my remapped 140 struggles (Golf) as for theoptions, anything that affects the P11d price will increase you taxation, you would be better off retro fitting the cruise (i know you can on VW) and also the towbar, this will then not be picked up in the P11d price.

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