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2.0tdi 143 Exec SE - Tunit box or similar ?

GT130 Mar 26, 2010

  1. GT130

    GT130 Member


    I'm normally on the S3 8L forum and am in the proces of selling my S3 as I'm taking over a company car lease for an '09 plate A4 2.0tdi 143 exec SE with a decent list of options being B&O, 6 disc in dash, elec. rear blind, 18" Star alloys, park plus and sports front seats.

    Interestingly the P11d on the car when new was under 25k but speccing an SE to that standard now seems just under 28k - result as far as the benefit in kind tax is concerned (as long as u ignore the new 2.0tdi e !!

    I'm actually trying to research the reversible tuning boxes that I believe 'fool' the engine into thinking it's cold therefore increasing fuelling / air to increase the power - is that correct??

    Claimed gains are 173bhp with 266lb's of torque..

    Has anyone got any experience with these, is there a good performance increase (a sec. off the 60 and better in gear pull?), are there any reliability issues (will it damage engine), presumably if I dis-connect before any service then the vehicle will return to standard as far as servicing is concerned and is it that easy to install (oem plug types etc).

    Prices are approaching £500 so I want to ensure it's worth the spend in terms of performance increase.

    Any views would be greatly appreciated.


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