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2.0tdi 140bhp Tuning

red-sline Nov 18, 2013

  1. red-sline

    red-sline New Member

    Hi all not long bought my a3 sline, im looking for some simple tuning advice. This is my first diesel project, abit different from my previous cars

    Tt,St, 400bhp evo and cupra

    So whats best and best gains?
  2. myke

    myke Member VCDS Map User

    A remap is the first and easiest way to add power to you car, I had mine done and it is just under 200 bhp. Good advice to get the 140 and remap as the 170 has chocolate turbo ! More power and less money. ;O)
  3. kimhemm

    kimhemm Member

    And if you wan't more power than just a remap look for a hybrid turbo or see what Darkside Development's have to offer
  4. L33williams

    L33williams New Member

    I'm looking at getting a TDI quattro soon but don't know whether to go for the 140 or 170, it'll be the 2006-2008 and I'm wanting to tune it, I will be dpf'ing it and going for a dark side gt2260. I've seen that the kit is available for both models but I've only seen uprated injectors for the 140 so I'm not sure which could be tuned more.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    sorry for the hijack BTW lol

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