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2.0T quattro service

mark7 Jun 9, 2011

  1. mark7

    mark7 Member

    Hi all. Had my car around a week now and loving it! when i bought it i knew it was due a major 80k service , cam belt,water pump, plugs , filters etc etc on closer inspection i could see it needed new discs and pads all round
    As it has full Audi sh i got a quote from Audi to carry it out, nearly 1k later i had to decline and went to a good friend of mine who has his own garage who is doing it all for me at the fraction of the cost! including the Haldex service
    How many of you guys got fed up with paying main stealer prices and moved to independent garages and do you really think it makes much difference using a good inde over the main dealer when the car reaches a certain age,say 5 years and over??
  2. Mutsumi

    Mutsumi Member

    Personally, I just had the dealer do a really basic oil change for the stamp, then had the rest done independently. FASH maintained at a fraction of the cost.

    edit: my old 8L S3, not my 8P. She gets the full Audi treatment at the mo.
  3. audicruiser

    audicruiser Audi Heaven

    It all depends on how much cash you want to spend on your car and how many miles you do... The mileage I do is so low that I get it serviced at Audi plus it's been in the family from new so has got full Audi history. It's personal choice really...
  4. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    Surely at 80k the residual value of the car will be plummeting so I'd go independant and just keep a good record of everything you have done. The amount it'll knock off the value of the car will be less than Audi's inflated prices.
  5. alinghi9

    alinghi9 Member

    they are a bunch of cowboys they did my haldex service at 20K miles...and I am sure the service manual or at least recommended change stated by Audi themselves is at 40K, so very dubious about how dealers go about their work...plus the things that you ask them to look at and repair never get done as well.
  6. antmax7

    antmax7 Member

    you don't even have to take it to Audi at all only for warranty repairs as long as Audi approved parts have been used all is good any way
    plus from all the info on this site Audi dealers DON'T even know what there doing!

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