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2.0t Fsi Metallic Rattle

TomSx Aug 26, 2014

  1. TomSx

    TomSx Active Member

    Hello guys

    My car seems to have developed an odd metallic rattle. It only happens in 2nd, 3rd and 4th between 2k and 3k revs. Almost sounds diesel. Now I've not had the car long so it may be that I've only just noticed it. I've not long had the cam follower replaced, could it be linked? I have no loss of performance. If I rev the car from a standstill I get nothing? Its very odd. Also I can floor the car in 5th and 6th from any revs and it doesn't happen?
  2. ItsAllGood

    ItsAllGood Member

    I had problem with the flex pipe. Causing the car to make a rattle sound on "normal" revs
  3. syko

    syko Member

    Just replied on cs.net lol

    Check the rubbers from your engine cover as mine popped off and the heatshield on the cover started to rattle

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