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2.0 TFSi

Oranoco Mar 5, 2008

  1. Oranoco

    Oranoco Well-Known Member

    Lass at work is after one either a Quattro or FWD. Any info on these cars I know they are bot supposed to produce 200PS but after that I'm stumped. Have heard storied os clunky shifts and poor rearward visability??

    CheeRS in advance:blackrs4:
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Not heard anything about clunky shifts and I don't find any problems with rear visibility.
  3. newbiecrg

    newbiecrg windsurfer

    yes James... like me you rarely use the rear mirror... right, not even to park

  4. hatmeow

    hatmeow Turbo is the only way....

    Personally I would go for Quattro because I am running a FWD 2.0T and getting LOTS of wheelspin from the moderate engine mods that I have. Eventually need a LSD to tame the wheelspin.

    Also, you can change the Haldes controller to get a more performance front / rear power bias...

    Definately Quattro!
  5. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    Not had any issues at all with mine so far. Maybe you could argue issues with rear visibility due to the wide rear pillars but there's always going to be a trade-off somewhere with aesthetics and practicality. Personally i find parking easy.
    Gear shifts in mine are nice and smooth and i love the engine. Very versatile although there is a fair amount of turbo lag at times. I'm fitting a Milltek full turbo stainless system so that may get rid of some turbo lag.
    As for quattro, i think it defeats the point of having an audi without it. Your friend might as well get a Golf GTI and save herself some money if she went for FWD. I've been impressed with the stability of the quattro on icy morning and in the wet. As someone else said, replacing the Haldex controller to make the 4WD more aggressive and responsive, pushing more power to the rear makes the Quattro version in a different league to the FWD in my opinion.
    Can't really comment on wheel spin. I always leave the ESP on and the car stays totally planted.

    On the Quattro subject though... Mine's an 07. I wanted a nearly new car with the right spec, colour etc at the right price. Took me a long time to find the right car which i was totally happy with. I suppose they are relatively rare depending what year, spec etc you're looking for.

    Hope that helps anyway.

  6. mfspen

    mfspen Member

    That's strange. I can't say that I've noticed any turbo lag from mine, even if I boot it at ridiculously low revs.
  7. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    I'll correct myself... i don't mean 'turbo lag' as such but at very low revs (e.g. setting off from standing) the car has to get past 2.5-3K revs before the power really boots in. Same applies when changing up a gear. So to be fair it's just the power/torque range of the engine i'm referring to, not the turbo. Obviously a diesel would have better torque response at low revs.

    Sorry to confuse anyone haha!

  8. rodo

    rodo Recruit

    being a lass i doubt shes into mods, maybe i'm wrong.
    she has to decide for herself which she prefers to drive, quattro v fwd. she should drive them both back to back in wet and dry.
    quattro slightly heavier, not much though.
    without modifications, 200 bhp, is fine for the front wheel wheels, yes in the wet they slip when u floor it, what fwd car doesn't.
    fwd = better fuel economy, doubt she'll notice though.
    i have a s-tronic (dsg) dual clutch semi manual gearbox, which is very smooth, ive driven the manual, the gearbox is nice and smooth also.
    turbo isnt a big one, turbo lag is minimal.

    if she wants a manual she should go with quattro, the other option is the 2.0t without quattro, just manual.
    if she wants an auto with semi manual overide go s-tronic which is fwd only.

    with the a3 2.0t you cant have both quattro and s-tronic.

    there are various packages for the a3, she'll have to look at them and see which bests suites. the top spec. s-line package comes with larger alloys, sline badging inside and out, lower suspension, no modifications under the hood, a different body kit. she may want to ride cars with different suspension set-ups to see which one she prefers, s-line is too firm for some.

    my choice, an s3, a beefed up 20.t engine with quattro (haldex) and comes only in manual.

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