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2.0 TFSI problems - Emission control light

Tedd May 28, 2012

  1. Tedd

    Tedd New Member

    Hi All

    I've recently bought a 2006 A3 2.0 TFSI, and so am new to all of this.

    The car has recently hit 60000 and is due a service, however i thought i would save some money (lol) by carrying out some work myself

    I changed the Air filter and spark plugs which were due at 60000, and the cabin filter.

    On my first drive after this work there were no issues, started up and drove fine. the 2nd drive, however, after leaving it in a carpark for around an hour, the Emission control light on the instrument panel has lit. I took it to a local garage to check the error code and it came up with a cam shaft error, he cleared it and told me to drive off as it might just be a false sensor reading, and if it were to return then to visit an car electrical specialist.

    The light relit and I've now booked it in for the electrical inspection.

    I've just taken another look under the bonnet to see if i can spy any issues, when i first did it the engine cover was a b1tch to remove and to put back potentially when replacing the cover something in the car may have loosened as I had to use quite a bit of force to replace the cover.

    This time I've looked at the rubber grommets that attach the cover to the engine and they are quite worn, ie bits of rubber split/missing from them. they seem to plug up the holes under the cover that lead to the air filter, does anyone have a link to someone that sells replacements, i tried googling them but couldn't find any.

    Could this cause the emission control light to be lit? if possibly it means there's not a full seal on the air going to the engine?

    Anyone have any thoughts at all?

    Sorry for the long windedness of it all.

  2. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    The car should run ok without the engine cover incorporating the air filter. It'll still run even if you also disconnected the MAF sensor. Could be you dislodged the cam sensor which is on the drivers side / cambelt access cover area.
    When Audi carried out cam belt change , the same thing happened to my car. They denied breaking the sensor saying someone had glued it back. I said B******ks and they said they'd sort it FOC. Making out they were doing me a favour.
  3. Tedd

    Tedd New Member


    Its in Auto spark in Swinton, Manchester. I've been told that it's the Camshaft actuator valve that has been damaged and needs replacing, £60 for the part plus labour and diagnostics, 200 in all. Says could possibly have been damaged when changing air filter and sparks, suspect probably when trying to force the engine cover on and off. Serves me right trying to save some money changing them myself...

    Could anyone point me to the location of the camshaft actuator valve so that I can try to avoid damaging it; if I ever bite the bullet and take the engine cover off again in the future?

    Although as you can tell I'm not particularly mechanically gifted


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