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2.0 TFSI camshaft - stock vs / S3 info required

olethalb Jan 4, 2013

  1. olethalb

    olethalb Active Member

    before i get the usual use the search, i have searched this forums and others for info regarding S3 camshaft and benefits - if any over stock.

    around 5000 miles ago i upgraded my BUL engined A4 to K04 with Autotech pump internals among other required mods,when i switched pumps i fitted a new pump cam follower from audi

    follower that i removed from the car vs new



    within the 5k it's had 3 oil and filter changes with castrol edge.

    on NYE i popped to the local BP, i jumped in the car to leave and ot took a few cranks to start which was odd as it's usually on the button, as i left it felt like the car had lost all power - as if it was in limp mode. i pulled into a layby, popped the bonnet and had a browse, all seemed in order and no odd noises or hoses off. i jumped back in switched off ignition again for a few moments and tried again, same several cranks and no power / slow revving.

    so as it was around a mile to my house i limped home and parked it up. that evening i was thinking about potential issues and i initially thought maybe the pump internals had seized which i hear can happen on the TFSI.

    the next morning i got up and went and popped the pump off the car, all looked fine until i popped the follower out

    the middle one came out of the car and was brand new rom Audi 5k miles ago, the one on the right was in the car when i got it and was distorted and cracked, the one on the left was removed from car running stock pump and covered 11k


    i inspected the camshaft pump lobe, seems a little worn but it's not scored


    i refiited a new follower and ran perfect again.

    Now, i've been thinking why has it worn through in 5000 miles. looking at the original follower the cam pump lobe has been worn for a while and in turn is prematurely wearing the new follower. (i am aware autotech internals increase wear on the follower)

    so i've decided i'll replace the intake camshaft, looked on ETKA and my original 06F 109 101 B is the same price as an S3 item

    so i looked at a 2006 S3 camshaft 06F 109 101 G but after more googling it seems 2011 S3 camshaft 06F 109 101 H is better still

    all are £254.90 at my local Audi dealership

    does anyone have any real info on these cams, apparently the 2006 cam vs stock BUL cam has slightly more lift on the pump lobe but the 2011 revision the pump lobe has been treated to reduce wear and has the same slightly added pump lift over the BUL item?

    if anyone could share any real knowledge on these cams it would be appreciated, i want to order one next week as it's a 10 day wait from Germany and no returns are accepted.

    thanks, Olly

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