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2.0 TDI S-line 170, is there a service kit anywhere

syko89 Oct 7, 2013

  1. syko89

    syko89 Member

    Hi all,

    Have my service coming up in the next week or so. Rather than let the guy at the garage source everything, I would like to buy a full service kit and just let the garage service the car with the genuine parts.

    I use the longlife oil. Its a major service and the car has 96k miles. Is there anything else that needs to be replaced at this age?

    Whats the cambelt/chain service intervals? I will double check my manual tonight...

  2. Rhodesy

    Rhodesy New Member

    Not sure on all the bits you would need for your service but I always buy an oil and filter kit kit from Opie Oils. They do offer good discounts to owners club members.

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