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2.0 tdi quattro MPG issues/worries

latta1989 Feb 5, 2010

  1. latta1989

    latta1989 Member

    Hi i have owned my 2006 2.0 tdi quattro 140 bhp for just over one month now and have noticed that i have not been getting as many miles from a tank as i'd have hoped.
    Normal driving, normal mix of urban, motorway driving etc.
    Kept an eye on the last couple of times i have filled up and i have only got 430 and 420 miles from full to pretty much empty.
    Funny thing is my trip computer says i have averaged roughly 40 mpg.
    If you do the maths, 55l = 12 gallons and a bit, so 40 mpg = 480 miles from a tank at least!!
    Something is not right in all this.
    Any ideas??
    What are other people averaging??
    Cheers in advance for responces
  2. mcconnot

    mcconnot Member

    As i said in a previous thread a couple of days ago, under normal driving conditions (city and motorway each day) i average at least 48-50mpg.
  3. latta1989

    latta1989 Member

    was there another thread about this?? sorry didnt see one.
    Yeah ino my car is quattro but i still feel i should be getting better then what i am.
    if im only getting 430 miles from a tank then im only averaging 35.5 mpg!!!
    And im even trying to drive very frugally to see what i can max from a tank.

    I dont know if it is anything to do with this issue but i feel the car and engine is overly noisy.
    I dont expect it to be quiet as it is a diesel but even compared to my friends 1.9 tdi golf my car sounds like a tractor.
    For example if im sitting on the motorway in 6th gear at 70 and i press the accelerator the car sounds like it is struggling more than it should be and it is very noisy.
    Like a booming sort of noise almost and there is quite a lot of vibration through the car at the same time!!
    i understand you would get this to an extent in any car but i feel there is something not right!!
    like there is definately too much noise.
  4. Whiteatom

    Whiteatom Member

    I had same problem with mk5 gti tdi 4 motion which is same car really, the vibration was found to be out of balance prop shaft. Will post link later.

    Steve as Statller Sheffield sorted it out for me , as regard mpg we get 40 iish 48 on a run.

    Might be worth getting a remap which helps improve mpg.
  5. latta1989

    latta1989 Member

    i thought it might have been a prop issue as the noise kind of runs from just below my gear stick to the back of the car.
    I was sitting in the back one day when my dad was driving and the noise was almost deafening!
    Wat did you do to get it sorted?

    And i wouldnt mind getting 40 mpg like my display says im doing but when i work it out im only getting 35.
    both times i filled up the full 55 litres so basically i had burned 55l and only covered 420/430 miles. therefore 35 ish mpg.
    not sure whats wrong there.

    and also im thinking about a remap eventually too. think the car would be great with one once i sort all this noise stuff out!
  6. Whiteatom

    Whiteatom Member

  7. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    What sort of driving are you doing? I barely break into the 20s when doing chores around town, but over 35mpg on the motorway in my 2.0TQ - might make you feel better! Even when I had a diesel, I'd struggle to get above mid 30s around town.
  8. ghouseman

    ghouseman Gazza

    i have a 170 tdi quattro, and round town i only get 32, 33 maybe 35 if i'm lucky. I have tried various driving styles, and have achieved nothing more. On a steady run i've got up to 45 mpg, but to be quite honest i'm a little unhappy with the figures. That said, after hearing about the petrol figures, i think i'll make do. The thing is we keep hearing about what some other make cars can do to the gallon and we expect the same. They're a heavy little car, and with the quattro as well i think they just use more. Let me know if you hear of a better way of getting more mpg.
  9. akash_sky1

    akash_sky1 Active Member

    I thought the tank was 60L? pretty the sure the one on my 20TFSI is 60.

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