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2.0 tdi pd intermitent start issue

matt a4s line Jun 20, 2012

  1. matt a4s line

    matt a4s line New Member

    hi all I am new to the foroum. I have just bought a 2005 a4 s line , I am very happy with the car apart from one small intermitent issue. the car will at times take slightly long to start, say three revoloutions and a slight cough before it fires up. it happens regardless of warm or cold and not all the time only at times. I have checked the battery (which is the orginal so 7 yrs old) for volts when starting sits at around 10v. checked earths etc, diesel supply for leaks. I have no fault codes on the car so I am now at a loss.

    I am wondering if it maybe is the nature of these pd engines? coming from a petrol which instantly starts maybe i am expecting too much? i am allowing all the dash lights out before starting..

    any ideas anyone???

    many thanks
  2. bizza25

    bizza25 Member

    my battery just went without warning was a tad over 7 year old so if yours has been in 7 too it wouldnt hurt to relpace it. will save you an unexpected breakdown that may cost you a lot more to get sorted. i had no symptoms at all, then one day it was completly flat not even a turn left. you could top the old battery with de ionised water but that is only a temporary solution to a deadening battery. spend £100 or so on a decent sort and you'll have a car thats starting bang on. these cars wont use the glow plugs in this weather so should be noting to do with that. does it tend to start worse after a drive with lights/aircon/radio on ect? how does it start after a drive with none on theseon? have you has it scanned for fault codes?

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