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2.0 TDi or 2.0T FSI?

S3Matt Jan 23, 2010

  1. S3Matt

    S3Matt Member

    I am thinking of trading in my a4 cab for a more practical b7 avant, but can't decide between the 2.0 diesel or petrol engines... although the petrol looks like the more powerful one it has less torque... so it won't accelerate as hard?? Currently have a 2.0 TDi engine (140) which has a good amount of welly, but want something more powerful! Has to be 2l engine, and remaps aren't an option at the moment. Any comments/advice/thoughts welcomed!


  2. hilly

    hilly Active Member

    i swaped a bmw 330d for my audi 2.0t fsi quattro,the audi was well down on torque but i think the audi pulls well and got enough torque. im thinking of remapping soon so it will be even better then!but one is for sure if you get a petrol you will notice a big difference in mpg!
  3. dan_the_v8man

    dan_the_v8man Member

    Having had a Passat PD140, Octavia vRS 2.0 TSFi, Passat PD170 and A4 2.0TFSi quattro i've found the PD170 and 2.0TFSi are worlds apart, the Petrol is deffinatly quicker. Just a very rough comparison from my experience...

    PD140 + Stage 1 Map = PD170

    2.0TFSi = PD170 + Stage 1 Map - Petrol has it on the top end, rolling start the diesel is quicker

    2.0TFSi Stage 1 = FTW :rockwoot:

    Also the gap in fuel figures isnt as big as you may think but if your not bothering with remaps id say 2.0TFSi :)
  4. auroan

    auroan Active Member

    I've had a 140 tdi in a B7 saloon and my current Special Edition Sline Avant is a 2.0TFSIq. Mine is 220ps and 300nm std; It rocks compared to the tdi, on everything but fuel economy.

    Go for the petrol.... you won't regret it. (unless your a skinflint and is always worrying what mpg your getting)
  5. S3Matt

    S3Matt Member

    Thanks for the replies... however have decided to hang onto the cabrio, at least for the time being! After sitting in a few older cars it seemed like the best thing to do, and winter is definately not the right time to sell a convertible!
  6. wyliss

    wyliss Member

    2.0T FSI All day ;-)

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