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2.0 tdi Issues??Help please

Rodney5950 Jan 3, 2013

  1. Rodney5950

    Rodney5950 Member

    Hi Guys. ive been watching the forum for a few years now but ive never posted anything till now. I have a 2004 2.0tdi 140 and i drive a lot (204,000) and its on its original turbo, clutch, flywheel etc., 99% of my driving is motorway. its never failed to start and its always the first turn of the key
    Recently the car has suddenly got loud and has started juddering on idle...my mums had 3 2.0tdi sportbacks from 04 to present but none have been like this...all were sold at over 160k and the issue has always been engine mounts. But the issue with mine is that when i clutch in the noise quietens down significantly then starts again with the release of the clutch...its really loud and sounds a bit like the exhaust is blowing heavily...upon acceleration..i get a deep tone as if i have an aftermarket exhaust, the power is still there, drives perfect but the juddering has started to feel like a misfire but its intermittent as if the car misses a beat. I went to see H5DJR (very helpful guy) to check for errors and there were none...a local tech said its a wheel in the gearbox and a failed injector? i noticed my vacuum resevoir is now disconnected...
    issue i have with the techs diagnosis is that the gearbox feels fine to engage, not even clunky, same goes for the clutch feels just as in the 2007 we have, same with the drivability of the car, anyone have any ideas of anyone in East Anglia think they could help please...i love the thing and i just want to carry on running it till it dies basically
    sorry ive gone on too long
  2. jimpa10

    jimpa10 Member

    looks like my flywheel.I changed it and problem solved.
  3. BigWillyStyle

    BigWillyStyle Member

  4. Rodney5950

    Rodney5950 Member

    thanks guys, i suspected as much but am i better off getting a solid flywheel or a DMF? £240 sound right for an LUK DMF?
  5. A19quattro

    A19quattro Active Member

    If your original DMF's lasted 204,000 miles, I would just buy another one, don't mean to be cheeky but what are your plans for the car, are you going to keep it and maybe tune it some more, then I would say maybe consider a different clutch/Flywheel. If not the possibility of anotehr 204,000 miles from a new standard clutch/flywheel can't be that bad, can it?
  6. Rodney5950

    Rodney5950 Member

    Im going to keep the car till the engine dies basically(few more years hopefully).i will eventually do some mods then break for spares when the time comes.8P3 conversion is on the cards this year. i take it its best to change both clutch and flywheel at the same time

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