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2.0 tdi injectors

J88NER Nov 6, 2011

  1. J88NER

    J88NER Member

    Aplogies if this is old news

    Its not publicised by the dealers or VW for that matter but, when you get the injector fault where it cuts the engine dead, VW are authorising dealers to replace 4 injectors and the harness F.O.C. (providing the injectors are 03G 130 073 D or 03G 130 073 M) BMA BKP BMR BVE BWV BUZ engines Just take it along to the dealer quoting TPi 2026885/4 and the cutomer will love you and save themself about £1600.00 only the engine codes i posted are affected (Siemans system)140 & 170 PS diesels

    extract from magazine

    VAG (Pump Dushe) 2L diesel engines 2006 – 2008 – The VAG are currently running a `Goodwill policy` on certain engine code diesel injectors. If you attend a VW Passat, Golf, Touran, Audi A3/A4 or Skoda Octavia with a loss of power, non start and with fault codes for injector faults, it would be worth the member contacting their main dealer to see if their model is covered under this ‘Goodwill policy’.

    worth a try hope it helps someone

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