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2.0 TDi Double Turbo Trouble

DIESEL POWER Dec 15, 2009


    DIESEL POWER Member | Joined 2006

    I bought my car new in June 2004. It has now covered 57700 miles. First serviced at 15000miles by Audi and then by me at 10000 mile intervals to date. Services have included approved long life oil, oil filter, fuel filter and check of k&N panel filter. Carbon filter replaced every second service. The vehicle has been extremely well maintained and looked after.

    The first turbo was replaced in October 2007 by the dealer at roughly 27000miles. They misdiagnosed despite my claims and replaced the vacuum control solenoid block (N75) and then eventually the turbo. All carried out under warranty, no quibbles.

    Now at 57500 miles the same symptoms have appeared again only I have noticed them at an earlier stage.

    I don’t have time to post all the previous and current symptoms nor the recent or previous diagnostics I have carried out using VAG COM. The replacement turbo was covered by a 24 months parts and labour warranty (dealer confirmed) which has now obviously expiared. The dealer has stated that they will need to take the car in for a day to diagnose and forward a report to Audi. They also stated that Audi may cover the replacement or contribute to parts, labour etc. and that they treat each case on merit. If Audi don’t contribute at all, I will have to pay the diagnostic fee of £100 for the dealer to tell me what I already know.

    Can I have your opinions, previous experiences please?
    Do you think I should just save the £100 and put it towards the new turbo replacement cost of £770 (fitting myself) or do you think there is any chance Audi will contribute? If I thought they would cover the cost of parts, I would happily accept considering the labour would be less than half the price of the replacement turbo.
    Having no service history with the dealer may not help my case as they mentioned loyalty to the brand etc. More like loyalty to the dealer, loyalty to brand will be determined upon whether I buy another Audi. Really like my car and the brand. I did recently have the dealer carry out a four wheel alignment though.
    I could approach with a view to the Sale of Goods act etc. and not fit for purpose etc.etc. Turbos should last more than 30000 miles.
    I don’t want to consider a reconditioned turbo as Garret don’t manufacture service parts for their VNT turbos and I am not having much luck with the OEM units!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tdi-man

    tdi-man Well-Known Member

    i had a probelm with overboosting with my turbo, car would go into limp home mode unless you switch the car of and back on again then would be ok .

    Turbo technics in northampton reconed mine for 300.00 trade.
    fitting and removale is 3 hours if i remember right.

    has been fitted to car for 2 months and all is good.

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