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2.0 tdi cab with bose rns-e upgrade

chillo Jul 13, 2012

  1. chillo

    chillo New Member

    Hi All,

    Have just got a 06 B7 tdi cab which i pick up next week that i want to upgrade the head unit to the rns-e 3g head unit.
    The car currently has the symphony II head unit (cd with tape drive) which I'm assuming is a double din. Hoping this will make the upgrade a bit more straight forward!
    I'm guessing that i will need some extra cable to plug it in? will i need to get anything coded to get all the functionality? Was going to try and do it myself!
    Does having bose complicate matters at all?
    The steering wheel has the voice button on it so would like the sds option enabling at the same time.
    Looking at getting rear pdc fitted too.

    Has anyone used vwcruise? Audi A4,S4,RS4 8H Cabrio (03-09) - Vw & Audi Sat Nav, Bluetooth , TV Tuners, Cruise Control Installations UK
    or have any recommendations for the Yorkshire area?

    Sorry for all the q's! had a quick search and not really found anything!
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2012

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