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2.0 TDi 170 Quattro Remap.. Bluefin?

elgan Jul 1, 2008

  1. elgan

    elgan New Member

    Intersted in remapping my A3 TDi 170 Quattro.

    Im a Vauxhall VXR Performance center, so Bluefin is at my disposal.

    Currently getting an Average of 40mpg which is a little disapointing.

    Im interested in re map advice for this engine, bhp increase etc, but most importantly Average MPG after re map.
  2. The Slug

    The Slug Active Member


    would stay the same :)
  3. stoakseya4

    stoakseya4 Active Member

    I've had 3 remapped Audi's now, including a 1.9tdi (130 to 170) a 1.8T (163 to 200) and a 1.8T (190 - 225ish).

    Have noticed virtually no difference in mpg when driven 'normally'. If you have a heavy right foot though you will notice a reduced mpg figure... But that;s not surprising is it ??

  4. Keef

    Keef Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S4


    Did you go for the bluefin in the end?
    Want the same for my A4 and wanted to know what its like?

  5. Jembo

    Jembo Bluefinned

    I’ve had my A3 170TDi modified for over 4 months now… and despite searching the net there seemed literally no write up from anyone with their personal experiences at that time.
    The car's run in, privately owned from new in March 07 with 33k on the clock… enjoyed every mile…
    So do you get improved MPG... I agree with other posts of 'No', but you get other things, some good and some bad...
    I’ll let you decide from the following comments:
    · Fuel Consumption – during the 1st 10 minutes of starting the car from cold, I experienced much lower MPG which does improve, but on a run at about 80mph, the car still returns about the same as it did before of about 42/43mpg - avg = 39/40 mpg which is about the same
    In winter (below 8 degrees C) prior to Bluefin, fuel consumption on the TDi drops significantly and even with the Bluefin the result is the same.
    · Dangerous Engine – In standard form, I personally think the 170TDi engine is a hazzard to other road users – from tickover it’s a gutless wonder until 1700rpm when ‘all hell breaks loose’. Early on, I was almost ‘mounted’ a couple of times after getting caught out with insufficent revs whereas the Bluefin gives a stronger & smoother power delivery, right across the rev range to the extent it will allow the car to pull itself uphill, without stalling when you don’t even use the gas pedal.
    · Drivability – believe every word they say… as motorway crusing in a standard 170 TDi is a joy, the Bluefin makes it feel effortless. Overtaking… well that’s where it comes into its own. Expect a noticable improvement, but it won’t be life changing…
    · Diesel Fuel – now here is where I have had the most problems and would almost say the car has its own personality of its likes & dislikes of diesel...
    o Change between different brands, especially V-Power & regular and the car’s engine management gets cautious, to the extent I’ve had it miss a beat on the motorway a couple of times early on.
    o Standard Esso fuel - the car gives a real kick though noticed the regeneration cycle to clear the particulate filter began to activate more often if I was doing shorter journies.
    o Avoid low grade supermarket fuels… even if they come from the main companies as I’ve had the particulate filter warning light come up a few times, the engine is not as lively as you’d expect & you notice the regeneration process kicking in more often. I also noticed some hesitency in the car.
    o Shell V-power – in standard form, there is a noticable difference, whereas I found V-power + Bluefin is smoother but it almost feels as if it’s not giving as much power as you’d expect … though across the rev range is better than standard diesel… As for regular Shell, I actually seem to think it feels underpowered especialy when compared with standard Esso Diesel.
    o BP Optimax – seems to be my TDi’s favorite tipple. Lots of low end grunt, feels the most powerful continuing on right the way through the range and most of all haven’t noticed the regen process kicking in.
    · Regeneration process (The TDi’s real achilles heel and it’s supposed to be an Eco friendly car) – If the regen process kicks in while driving, let it complete without getting heavy on the right foot as it ‘over fuels’ even more and almost puts too much in making the engine feel drunk (best way I could describe it). Moreover, avoid regular journies of 10min or less…
    · Performance – interesting time. Try taking on either an old or new AUDI TT from a standing start, expect to get spanked… HOWEVER, take on the older 225 AUDI TT at about 60-70mph and hoof the right foot, your petrol sucking cousin does very well… but you’ll ‘suck’ slowly away as the numbers roll up into 3 figures (oops)… though expect the TDi’s top end to still be about the same (good old German Autobahns). I’m still to find a 200PS TT on my boot lid, but knowing my luck it’ll probably be the TTS who will make me eat humble pie.
    · Flashing the CPU with the remap – AUDI are not stupid and if you remap your car, be aware the CPU records every time it’s ‘Flashed’ . Superchips claim that Bluefin is invisible and does not leave any trace if the original map is reinstalled… a handy thing if it goes in for a service under warranty and a CPU upgrade is required. Of course, if you sell the car… no one will ever know…
    · Insurance – If you can afford to buy an A3 TDi 170… then you can afford to tell your insurer, so don’t be a Muppet. It cost me an extra £60 which for peace of mind is worth every penny.
    Well, hope the above helps
  6. TIIMY G

    TIIMY G New Member

    anyone:uhm: know if a remap would be beneficial?? and would the dsg box work well with it?? were is the best place to look for a remap?? im lost!!!!
  7. dunk

    dunk Member

    dsg works well with the remaps and can easily cope with the power and torque, and the current bluefin devices reset the flash counter on the edc16 ecu's and a3s, so worries about audi knowing you have added/removed bluefin.

    older bluefins can be sent back to superchips for a firmware upgrade that will add the flash counter reset function - just the postage costs to get it done
  8. TIIMY G

    TIIMY G New Member

    thanks, do you think bluefin is the one to go for?? what have you done to improve power to yours??

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