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2.0 tdi 170, do you get a whoosh?

syko89 Apr 18, 2013

  1. syko89

    syko89 Member


    Do you get a slight whistle when boost comes in on your 2.0tdi 170 engine?
    I've noticed it ever since i bought the car and thought it was just normal (i do have a K&N panel filter fitted).

    Now im starting to wonder whether it should be doing it or not. Its only really noticeable with the window open.

    The whoosh starts from around 1300-1500rpm, but what i have noticed recently is that, say, you let off at 2000rpm in gear, the whoosh settles down a little for a second but then comes back again a little higher until the revs drop.

    Is this normal or not? There is a bit of greyish smoke looking in the rear mirror when you put your foot down to overtake, more so the first time and it seems to die down after the first couple of blasts. It has a DPF fitted too so i didn't think there shoulw be anything?!

    MOT tomorrow morning so im a little worried, how much smoke is too much?
  2. syko89

    syko89 Member

    Bump, any help on this?

    Smoke seems to have died down after a good run last night. Still unsure whether the turbo noise is normal or whether there may be a leak? Do you get a whistle from low revs?
  3. matthew999

    matthew999 Member

    I get a little whosh when I let off the pedal, but I have a dpf delete and remap. Has your car been remapped?
  4. Steve220

    Steve220 Member

    You might be hearing the turbo a little louder due to the panel filter. Giving the car a good hard run would hopefully clean out the dpf, especially if you've been doing short journeys.
  5. syko89

    syko89 Member

    No the car is standard other than the filter, although i think i could still hear the slight whistle before. The turbo has been replaced in the past but just for a standard unit. Im wanting to get a remap and dpf/egr delete in the future but need to make sure there's no other problems that will surface afterwards.

    I do try and keep short journeys to a minimum and make sure i take it out once a week for a good motorway blast, maybe the smoke i am getting is from the regens. I do sometimes feel a little stutter from the engine.

    I kept the car in boost this morning and didn't notice any smoke, so hopefully it passes the smoke test. I do need a new tyre though, dropped it off at my indy to check over and there is a split on the inside, and a wheel nut missing :sadlike:
  6. Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev.

    Rick @ Unicorn Motor Dev. Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    You will hear it more with a pannel filter, and more so with DPF removed.

  7. nbray67

    nbray67 Active Member

    3rd gear 50mph for 15mins is how the Audi garage told us was the best way of clearing any DPF issues.

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