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2.0 TDI 170 CR - Remapping? DPF Delete?

SleeD Jun 25, 2011

  1. SleeD

    SleeD New Member

    I've searched far and wide for an up to date thread about this, but they're all back when non of the tuners had released a map, or its regarding the PD engine.

    What is a realistic amount of power I'd be seeing out of this engine with a good map, dpf delete etc?

    Is bordering on 240bhp too big an ask?
  2. Rhyso

    Rhyso Well-Known Member

    I went out in a MK6 GTD fitted with the same engine a couple of weeks ago

    Its been remapped to 200bhp and 340lbs ft torque; with DSG it was an absolute weapon on the road. The owner gets over 60mpg too!!! That's with the DPF still fitted and he's done over 10,000 miles in it

    Speak to Craig or Nick at CARBON CHIP TUNING It was the owner's Craig's car I went out in :)
  3. Adam.

    Adam. Meow.

    IIRC it maps more than the PD with the DPF but doesn't gain as much with the DPF removed.
  4. t8ups

    t8ups Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    P torque will map that for you, i believe its £395 for that with the dpf removed but its best to ask them,

    dont think you will get 240hp from a dpf delete. more realistic figures will be between 210-220hp.

    The DPF delete map was really created to get rid of the problem and the bonus to it was the extra power.

    but deffo go for it, the response is awesome, it will drive more like a quick petrol car after.

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