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2.0 tdi 170 behaving strange!?

MAD_Adamski Oct 8, 2013

  1. MAD_Adamski

    MAD_Adamski Member

    hi guys well i have had my car for a few months and love it to bits however today its gone weird its a 2010 170tdi CR ... i went to go to the gym and a mile down the road all of a sudden the car hesitated and missfired then cautiously powered through it cleared i came to the junction and it stalled... i went to restart and it just turned over....... no management lights no fault codes etc

    So i called the aa and they came had a look over and he seemed to think it was maybe injector problem he sprayed carb cleaner down the intake and after a couple of minutes it managed to fire and i drive the 1 mile back home and it had no hesitation was fine and park up with no missfire it now starts and runs fine. (altho i have no been on a journey)

    it has done something like this before when i left my GF i started it up and went to pull off and it felt like i was in 3rd gear and i stalled,, but i was in 1st.... the car then after a few minutes of me turning it over caught and drove fine all the way home and been fine since until today...

    Its left me confused tho as there no faults showing or codes, has anyone experienced this or shed any light!?

    cheers Adam
  2. kimhemm

    kimhemm Member

    Could be your DPF acting up on you ??

    Could also be an injector as the aa guy suggested

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