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2.0 TDI 140 Common Rail Remapped at P-Torque

Scott Apr 16, 2009

  1. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    Hi folks

    I had my 2.0 TDI CR remapped a few weeks back but I haven't been able to get it dyno'd, if anyone knows of a dyno in Cheshire/Staffs that can run a new 2.0 TDI please do let me know.

    I am impressed with the remap but I have had a few small issues? since... First the car seems to idle slightly rough, the rev counter is stable but I can feel the car shaking. I'm sure I couldn't feel this before the remap. Also when the car is started (always when the engine is cold), occasionally it makes a "beep" for a second, but no errors or lights are displayed. Finally I have noticed that the fan stays on a lot, like tonight it was a coldish night, the car was warmed up and I'd just driven a few miles down a 60 road in 5th, parked up and the fan stayed on for a while after getting out and locking the car. Could this be related to the remap and does anyone have any suggestions?

    Many thanks
  2. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    I have also noticed a few times that the engine tries to carry on after the ignition has been switched off. I believe this may be called run on, but if anyone could give me anymore info, that'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. etronic

    etronic TDI

    If these symptoms were not there befor remap it means that remap itsels causes this. I strongly recommend to get back to stock firmware and if remap is not scrambled can be retrieved and checked wheter it's been done properly ( i don't think so...) or not.

    Power it not all in remap. I do remap cars and sometimes it's better to cut few BHP to let the engine run on optimised parameters. Tuner who chases every BHP do very big mistake. Such cars can't run reliably over the time.

    Proper diagnostics can also much say about remap.

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