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2.0 ltr tdi

Dids44 Jul 4, 2012

  1. Dids44

    Dids44 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Great forum loads of info especially the oil pump failure!!!! Hours of reading lol.

    Does anyone know how many miles the 2.0ltr tdi 170bhp engine is good for? Looking at a car with 155,000 on clock and just wondering how the engine will hold up and the rest of the car.

    Would appreciate any help as never owned an Audi but really like the a4 estate

  2. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    The life of an engine is dependant on many variables so its quite impossible to be definitive.
    That said, modern diesel engines generally do not have the life expectancy of the old "tractor" engines .
    I would say a modern diesel engine is good for circa 175k and if you get any more its a plus.
    This is just my view and I am sure others on here will chip in with their experiences.
  3. eddscott

    eddscott Member

    Theres no way of knowing.

    A car may have only done 30K but had the bejesus ragged out of it every day or a car could have done 200K and been driven with upmost mechanical sympathy and be in better overall condition. I knew a guy who got a Subaru Impreza up to 180K on its original clutch. Others said 50 was your limit. Rubbish.
  4. Lee Applin

    Lee Applin Guest

    theres a 07 2.0 tdi taxi near me 300k so far on original engine an box

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