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1st Service

L1ARR Nov 8, 2004

  1. L1ARR

    L1ARR Active Member


    I wanted to share this with you guys as I was gob smacked.
    On Saturday I took my beloved S3 into Bexley Audi for its first service. My local dealer SG Smith in Bromley and Beckenham couldn't book me in for 10 days. Took the car in and requested a couple of things to be checked.
    I received a call later to confirm that all was fine and ready to be collected. I then remembered that I forgot to ask for the central locking can be activated when you drive over 10mph. The service manager said that they can do this but would charge me for this service. I agreed and turned up to pick the car up and paid the bill. They forgot to do the central locking, the service manager had forgot to ask. I have never seen anyone move so quick in my entire life. They took the car back in to the workshop plugged in to VAG COM, 10 mins later all done. The service cost £327 and in the end they didn't charge me for the central locking (result). They had hoovered and washed my car, put complementary mints + a window scraper on the passenger seat.
    I know we all moan about Audi dealers because of how incompetent the service technicians can be and the level of service we receive. Bexley Audi are part of the Whitehouse group, they have only been trading since August 04. The level of service I received was spot on and couldn't be faulted, I came away from here not p*ssed off that I had parted with £327.
  2. Anito

    Anito Member

    I'm pleased for you and it's nice that people also make a post when something good has happened.

    Keep your stealer on his toes or you'll end up finding out why we hate them so much /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

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