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1st post looking for info about an engine swap :)

returnofjim Sep 1, 2008

  1. returnofjim

    returnofjim New Member

    Hello, this is my first post on here so please go easy on me [​IMG] I have used the forum in the past for little bits of info and always found it very helpful, but this time the reason for me coming here is a bit more complicated, well for me anyway.

    I have a friend who has asked me if it is possible to fit him a 2.2 5cyl engine from an 80 into his 1993 coupe which currently has a 2.0 16v engine. I dont have much info at the moment of what year/model vehicle the 2.2 is out of and was just wanting to know if its a pretty straight forward engine swap? I have lots of experience of engine swaps/conversions and rebuilds but sorry to say its mainly been on french motors [​IMG]

    I have worked on quite a few 80, 90, and coupes before so there not too unfamiliar to me but never gone into doing engine swaps until now. Am hoping there will be a few on here that have done it before and can advise me on any problems i may come across and it would be handy to know everything that would be needed to do it before i start. Im guessing ill need engine and all ancillarys, gearbox?, wiring loom and ecu? radiator and all hoses?

    any help will be much appreciated


    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong section.

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