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1st month of audi ownership

Jason-Con Feb 17, 2010

  1. Jason-Con

    Jason-Con Member

    Well its 1 month today that i aquired the A4 and i have to say hands down its the best car ive ever owned, i love the mix of economy and performance and the build quality is as good...if not netter than any of the bmw's ive owned int he past. Im was lucky that the wife agreeded to take my old e36 touring so im kind of having my cake and eating it. Only thing i would say ( as im a bt fussy ) it has been a bit of an expensive month. ive changed or will have changed by the end of thhis week the following:

    Thermostat OEM
    Coolant temp sensor OEM
    G12 OEM
    few bits of damaged trim OEM
    Oil change- Needed
    Oil sensor OEM Intermittant fault

    Granted this is all needed to be done and they temp sonsor and oil sensor are common faults. But it is all a bit much in the first month of ownership. Fingers crossed if the car is maintained well it will last for another 200k.

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