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1st ever post! looking to buy a 2.5 tdi cabriolet, advice needed.

polo10v Apr 26, 2011

  1. polo10v

    polo10v New Member

    hello all

    this is my first post on the forum i was a member a couple of year ago when i had a 03 a4 tdi, im currently driving 225 tt roadster which i have owned for just over a year, but i am going to view a 04 a4 2.5 tdi cabriolet (want a big car again!) hopefully, so i am just wanting some advice on things to look out for or a topic that can give me a little info on this specific model of car.

    i very nearly bought a multitronic version on 54 plate last dec but pulled out at last min as i was told some horror stories and repair costs if the/when the box goes faulty!

    the car ive decided to go and view is:

    04 a4 cabriolet 2.5 tdi manual
    117 fsh
    recent major service
    2 owners
    silver with black roof and leather
    lots of extras such as heated leather, symphony stereo etc etc

    its up for £6950, and im wanting to trade my tt in against it plus cash i do have a figure in my head of what its worth trade and private.
    i have seen a couple in private sales a little cheaper but as i said id rather just trade my car in than try and sell it as they arent a easy car to sell in current times(24mpg, 2 seats etc)

    anyhow if anybody could kindly give me a few pointers or knows of a previous thread that would be usefull to me then that would e greatly appreciated!

    thanks in advance
  2. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    even a 225 TT should be getting better than 24mpg, shouldn't it?

    "current times"... hmmm.... summer = bonus time for selling convertibles... the guy probably can't believe his luck if he's found a convertible for convertible trade...

    Here's the LINK for the cabriolet: that one has 60% above average mileage, but seems to be priced accordingly...

    You never mentioned the year, but an 04 plate TT 225 should be priced a fraction behind that, but not that far: LINK

    Also check autotrader for what they're going for...

    I know this one is a manual, but TBH, the 2.5TDI multitronics are the "safer" ones as they should have all had a mandatory recall from Audi (but you should check the recall status on any car you're considering with Audi first!!)... so should have the revised clutch setup.
  3. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    Check the plenum chamber and also the roof has no horrible marks or rips etc, they do wear in the folds so thats normal but watch out for bad bits. Then usual stuff like frequent oil and belts etc.
  4. BahnStormer77

    BahnStormer77 BahnStormer

    polo10v - what is the trader offering you as trade in for your car and what is the spec (year, mileage, condition, service history, extras, etc)?
  5. polo10v

    polo10v New Member


    trust me buddy they dont do much better than 24mpg, dont forget the roadster weighs approx 1.6 ton in quattro form and that big turbo's on a 1.8 is always working overtime to get it to shift!!! i had approx 34-35 mpg 200 mile motorway run but general town driving with odd blast will return around 24mpg or 300mile to £80 of fuel!!

    my tt is 2001 'y' 225 quattro roadster

    olive green with matching leather

    ltd edition ''tt' bbs split rims (came from factory)


    fsh mainly preston audi

    just had major service including cambelt kit, coils, coil wiring harness, maf, forge turbo hose

    stack of reciepts of past work, last service at audi was over 2k! (audi labour charges eh!!!!!!)

    externally in very good condition, there is a few scratches and marks but nothing obvious.

    ive had a look at a couple of different cars over last 6 month and traders have all said 4.3-4.5 mark, but i know simaler spec and age roadsters are only selling for that private, plus depends how much traders got in the car there selling!

    ive yet to look at this a4 cab yet but i know he will take it off me, just depends what he wants cash aswell, and it seems a fair price when comparing it with all for sale on auto trader, pistonheads etc

    cheers for reply


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