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1st Damaged repairable RS3 i have seen!

Lewbo Apr 7, 2012

  1. J.R.

    J.R. "Started From The Bottom" VCDS Map User

    I've had an Cat d "Wasn't bad at all" ....

    it really all depends on where the damage is and if it affects the drive train bits and the drive.
  2. RYes3

    RYes3 Active Member Team Nardo Audi RS3

    Seems that when these things crash, the carbon wings just disappear!

  3. TimG

    TimG Active Member

    That was the problem, I didn't do the repairs, it was done before I bought it and was a lesson well learned! Luckily didn't lose too much money on it either but it was not a good experience!
  4. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    they are a fine art to the repair not one for scrimping on time or parts
  5. shady-ninja

    shady-ninja Active Member

    this used to be my FR 150bhp.
    i bought it as a cat D flood damage
    one owner FSH for £4200.
    used it for a year and a half plus
    added 20k plus miles.
    sold it for £4650 with cat D declared.
    buyers were rolling over to buy it.
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  6. S3quatt

    S3quatt Flat Oot like a ducks Foot VCDS Map User

    Got to love the one in autotrader... All the spec IN CAPS which i hate anyway.
    Then the very last bit stating cat d...

    Shady as...
  7. S3Alex

    S3Alex Rarely neutral Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter Audi S3 DSG

    Flood damage(other than water in the engine) is a world away from crash damage,and that RS3 looks costly to repair at best.
  8. tedward

    tedward Member

    I have to say I don't think that looks a bad one to repair at all. I work a senior panel repair technician in a large body shop and I repair cars like that every week.

    You have to remember most of the damage you can see here is bolt on parts or welded panels which are all readily available in sections and done properly (with correct welding equipment) and measured on a jig there is no problem whatsoever.

    You would need to take exact measurements of the strut tops with the jig to make sure the suspension is all going to be within tolerance come wheel alignment time.

    I have owned many cat c and cat d cars if repaired properly you will never tell apart from being listed. The problem is some have a go hero attempts to repair something like this on the drive way and it's going to be wrong. Using the correct tools, equipment and quality parts with a good amount of experience is key to a good repair.

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