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1st AVS on a4 2.0TDI £372?

pin Oct 12, 2006

  1. pin

    pin New Member

    I see the threads on this subject, obviously there are regional variations etc but all mine was :-

    Sump plug
    1200348OIL x1 @ 6.33
    1400604ELE x2 @ 10.47
    screenwash @ 2.69
    SLX LL 1lt BULK 5x @ 10.25

    and it came to 372!

    2.5hrs of labour for 1st AVS, that can't be right can it? Checking the oil side of it, unless i am mistaken the car only takes 3.8l, so why would I be charged for the 5th bottle?

    Any comments welcome
  2. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Have a look at the AVS Servicing sticky thread on the 8P A3\Sportback forum.

    Several of the guys have access to an Audi UK spreadsheet detailing service times. Try mailing Dave R, userid h5djr. In the thread he says re the A3 "For information the Fleet Data spreadsheet on the Audi website allows 1.10 hours for the 1st AVS service and 1.6 hours for the 2nd".

    Compared to A3 times, 2.5 hrs sounds excessive.
  3. pin

    pin New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did things the hard way via audi uk customer service etc.

    I got a refund for the 1l of oil and service nocked down to 1.5hrs instead of 2.5, and an apology (new cost £240 odd, central london area so it was always going to be on the higher side).

    Hats off to the service manager, he was extremely efficient, called me back when he said he would and did what I wanted.

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