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1st and 2nd Gear Stiff, Clutch Worn? Help

shawshankuk Feb 13, 2007

  1. shawshankuk

    shawshankuk Glu Kru

    Hi all,

    For everone north of the border and south, The Crail 1/4 mile is having its first event this Sunday organised by Fast Car. I was thinking about taking my car up the 1/4 mile but my 1st and 2nd Gear are pretty Stiff......Let me explain.

    I've had the car 6 months. Its an AGU engine A3 1.8T. Over the past month my 1st and 2nd gear has become stiff but doesnt crunch. It seems to be at its worst first thing in the morning but does easy off a tad when its warmed up. All the other gears are ok. Also recently Ive noticed the bitting point of my clutch pedal seems pretty high and when taking my foot of the clutch it seems to do that little judder back and forth (only slightly) when accelerating then goes away. However I dont think the clutch is slipping.

    Anyone experinced this at all?

    I've had a few ideas but not sure where to start to try and solve the problem.

    Here's what I have planned:

    1: Drain gear box oil and put new oil in

    2: Bleed the gear box ( As its hydralic, I'm not sure if this is possible as Im not sure if it works off the same servo as the brakes so will bleeding the brakes in turn bleed the clutch? Need Help on that. Also if the clutch can be bled where is the bleed nipple located?) I've bought some Dot 5 brake fluid and plan changing my brake fluid very soon as it was done 2 years ago according to the service manual.

    3: Change the gear Linkage ( I dont really think this could the problem as the rest of the gears are ok. Answers on a post card)

    4: I've heard of a DOG BONE being mentiond a few times and thought this might help. Bearing in mind these gears are stiff when at a stand still so its not like the engine is moving and causing the selection to be stiff.

    5 Last but not least, change the clutch. Its done 65k miles and its 8 years old. This is my last option obviously.

    I appreciate this might be a shot in the dark but here's hoping you guys can come back with some informative answers.

    Ps: anyone here going to crail on Sunday? if so see you there if my car makes it. Will be taking a tow rope just in case.

    Cheers all

    From the wee man with the big chair
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Not much use on your gearbox woes unfortunately mate having similar issues myself. I might see you up there tho im considering taking the mr2 up if its a dry day, not to do any runs more to watch the beasts lol.

    And for the seriously fun roads up that way to, unless its raining, then i'd be as well taking the bus .

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