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1st and 2nd gear shudder. a4 b5 1.9tdi

craigg9700 May 5, 2011

  1. craigg9700

    craigg9700 New Member

    Hello all ,

    My 1st post on the forum. as im a newbie so hello to you all

    Just purchased an Audi A4 b5 1.9tdi. its the 1st audi i have owned ( and rw drive car).

    Made up with the car but i have concerns.

    The problem i have is quite hard to explain in txt , easier to feel the issue from the driving seat.

    To me the car feels like 1st and 2nd gear are loose , the clutch bites well and it has no problems engaging gear, the car pulls like a train when under load but at short speeds the car seems to rock / knock when clutch peddle is pressed ( mainly from a stop start or low speed).

    any ideas or advice would be much appreciated?

  2. ian52

    ian52 2000 a4 1.8tqs-yellow

    probably tghe dual mass flywheel if its juddering. Your car is fwd or awd (quattro). They never made the a4 rearwheel drive.
  3. craigg9700

    craigg9700 New Member

    Thanks ian , im no expert with cars . Must be front wheel then , To be honest im getting used to the drive of the car now , i think it may have been the way i was riding the clutch. Not used to diesels ( always owned petrols), the power and gears drive totally different to that of a petrol car ( in my opinion.)

    done 65 mile and the diesel's hardly moved lol. futures bright . DIESEL all the way for me!!!!

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